Playing Behind the Seat Live Blackjack

For a while now, players at Playtech casinos have been enjoying a special functionality added to the blackjack live dealer tables. The “Behind the Seat” feature lets players serve as observers of a live blackjack game, with the ability to simple watch or actually take part in the game.

Take a Seat

At any time, interested players can take a virtual sit behind players that are playing at a live blackjack table. This function works exactly like it sounds – the player “sits” behind a chosen player and watches the game from his point of view.

The behind the seat player can then choose to follow the player he is watching, so that every action this player takes on the table will apply to the player behind him. Additionally, one can become a behind the seat player behind multiple players, and players actively playing on the table can also participate.

Take Part in the Game

Regardless of the follow mode which is deactivated by default, behind the seat players can partake in the game with splitting, following, taking insurance and doubling. The behind the seat player is prompted to take these decisions earlier, before the main player makes his own decisions.

If the main player’s decisions do not align with the behind the seat player’s, the latter’s are canceled or changed. For example, when a main player doubles after the behind the seat player split, the behind the seat player’s decision will be reversed and considered a Hit and Stand.

Relax and Learn

The behind the seat feature allows players to enjoy a relaxed game of blackjack by overlooking the action from the back seat, with the given option to engage more actively in the game. Additionally, the behind the seat feature allows players to learn the ropes of blackjack and more specifically how it is played at a live dealer table. This has proved very popular with table game players at Playtech casinos.

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Author: Eugene Alexander