Pai Gow Poker Odds? – Find Out If the Game Has Good Odds

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When we talk about good odds in Pai Gow Poker we must factor the bets and type of game you’re playing. Pai Gow Poker is a popular casino table game that requires you to beat the dealer. Players will receive seven hands in total. It would be best to use a winning strategy when playing the game at top-rated casino sites.

We present to you a table of odds of Pai Gow Poker. Also, get some tips on how to form the best hand. Then, you can start playing real money Pai Gow Poker and win.

online pai gow poker odds

Pai Gow Poker Good Odds


HandsOddsFive Aces40,000-1Straight Flush750-17 Card Straight Flush5,000,000-1Three of a Kind20-1Royal Flush6,000-1Royal Flush Plus 2’2s2,000,000-1Four of a Kind500-1Full House36-1Flush25-1Straight14-1Pair5/2Two Pair2/9Nothing13-2


Best Online Pai Gow Poker Hand

Playing Pai Gow Poker is thrilling because you must challenge yourself and form the best hand to win the game. This means both your five and two card hands need to be high as possible or at least one should be. A good strategy is essential in achieving your winning goals.

Know the rules of the casino gameUnderstand the hands, bets, and houseAvoid making mistakes and know which moves to make by using a working Pai Gow Poker strategy

When playing the game you need to consider hands that have good odds and bets. Have a look at different strategies and choose the ones that best works for you. Once you are confident about you game plan you can head on to one of our recommended casino sites.

Author: Eugene Alexander