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There a lot of opinions and myths regarding online gambling, especially when it comes to fairness and legalities. So, we have gathered some information for you regarding various opinions or myths and have tried to clear up and misgivens and misunderstandings.

More often than not, people simply assume certain statements or take other people’s opinions as fact, without actually trying to find out if these are true or not.

Please take the time and peruse the articles below and if you think of any other questions or information that people should know about, please do not hesitate to shoot us a message.

Online Casinos Don’t Pay

One of the reasons that people like to gamble is for the thrill of winning, but with gambling at online casinos, some people are leery to play because of the conception that online casinos don’t always pay out the winnings earned by their players. Read more

Casino Games Are Rigged

With scams popping up on the internet affecting every type of online industry, it’s not surprising that people are becoming paranoid that someone is out to pull the wool over their eyes anytime they engage in an online transaction, or place a wager at an online casino.Read more

Online Gambling Is Illegal

There is a rumor circulating out there that gambling at online casinos is illegal, and this is a myth that might discourage people from getting involved in their favorite casino games online. Read more

Online Casinos Are Not Secure

While people may have no reservations about gambling at a live, on location casino, some are hesitant about getting involved with online gambling because they believe the myth that casinos do not offer safe and secure environments. Read more

Only Lonely People Gamble

A long standing myth about those who gamble is that they do so because they are lonely. While some people may use gambling at an online casino or in a live casino environment as a form of escape from the more negative aspects of their lives, including loneliness; gambling in itself is a rather lonely activity with a limited social aspect. Read more

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