Online Gambling Myth: Online Gambling Is Illegal

There is a rumor circulating out there that gambling at online casinos is illegal, and this is a myth that might discourage people from getting involved in their favorite casino games online.While these rumors are in some way founded, because of legalities surrounding the running and advertising of a website that accepts wagers; online casino players can rest assured that there are no legal issues with them gambling.

In order to fully understand online gambling laws, individuals need to look on a state by state basis, as specific gambling laws do vary. However, in the United States, the only time that someone might run into legal issues when placing a wager, is if they bet on a sports game; and typically, only a rare few who receive winnings from betting on sports find themselves slapped with a fine for their illegal gambling activities. So, next time you’re considering placing a wager on your favorite gambling site, you can remain confident that you will not face any legal repercussions as a result of the activity. In order to be diligent and prevent any future issues, do make sure that you read the Terms & Conditions of every casino that you register with carefully, and ensure that you are able to gamble in the country that the casino is licensed with, and review their policies so that there is no legal issue should you run into a disagreement in the future.

While online gambling from a player’s perspective is not illegal, the myth is founded on tangible evidence, however, any legalities strictly surround an online casinos ability to accept wagers and advertise their services. Naturally, any online gambling casino needs to be properly licensed and follow all rules mandated by the country where it operates in order to keep its nose clean. In addition to this, there is a stigma that online gambling is illegal in the US, because states in the US are not currently granting online gambling licenses to online casinos. As a result, most popular gambling sites are based out of and licensed to international locations, which accept casino players from the US as members. In addition to this, there is a kind of unwritten policy that US search engines and websites, such as Google, cannot accept advertisements for virtual casinos so US players visiting websites might get the impression that gambling online is not advocated by law in the country.

If you’re interested in online gambling, but are worried about the legal repercussions because of the myth that online gambling at virtual casinos in the US is illegal, you can stop worrying. Provided you are at least the minimum legal age to gamble in the country to which the online casino is licensed (listed on the casino’s Terms and Conditions), are only placing wagers using valid payment methods that belong to you, and are not engaging in any sports related bets online or by phone – your gambling activities are perfectly legal! So next time sometime tells you online gambling is illegal, you can explain to them where the rumor derived but let them know you’re safe to hit the Slots!

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Author: Eugene Alexander