Online Gambling Myth: Online Casinos Don´t Pay

One of the reasons that people like to gamble is for the thrill of winning, but with gambling at online casinos, some people are leery to play because of the fear that online casinos don´t pay out the winnings earned by their players. You read pretty much everything from large winnings that were quickly paid out to problems with the payout or complete refusal on the casino side. So:

Do Online Casinos really pay?

While there are certain circumstances that casinos reserve the right to refuse a payout, which are typically for the protection and security of their players when fraud is suspected, this is one myth about online casino gaming that just isn’t true.

With some stories in the media where live casino environments have refused to pay large jackpots due to apparent glitches on the machines, it’s not surprising that people might be hesitant that they would encounter a similar situation at an online casino. While sometimes issues might occur if you choose to play with a disreputable casino, a reputable casino will never withhold payment that’s due to a player unless they believe there has been a breach in security. For example, if a player has signed up and begun using fraudulent information or a payment method, such as a credit card which does not belong to them. In that case, a casino has the right to refuse a withdrawal of both the deposit and any winnings until the person has proven their identity. Online casinos have this process in place to protect their players from fraud and enhance their security.

In some scenarios, online casinos may also refuse to payout a player’s winnings if the player has severely violated the rules set forth in the Terms of Service. However, in most cases the casino will return the player’s deposit and payout the winnings in order to terminate the player’s account and ban them from the casino. Specific rules that can result in banning from an online casino are listed on the casino’s Terms and Conditions, which all prospective players should read closely and acknowledge before hitting the Slots or Card Tables.

Some casinos do have specific policies regarding their withdrawals, so all players should verify the Terms and Conditions in order to determine how long it will take to receive a cashout from a casino. Often, alternative payment methods and credit card return requests can be processed almost immediately; but requests for wire transfers or checks may take additional time, as the online casino may need to take more steps to verify the identity of the player making the request. At anytime, if a casino suspects fraud, they can request for additional identification to verify that the cashout is being requested by the account holder, especially if it’s the first time that a withdrawal has been made on the account. Virtual casinos may also require that players meet specific wagering requirements before they are able to cashout any money earned by playing with a casino bonus.

Finding a reputable casino is not difficult for casino players who know what they’re looking for, and with a reputable casino, players can ensure they get exactly what they’re promised – payouts on their winnings. Look for a casino that is audited regularly by an independent company like Price Waterhouse Coopers to ensure that they are abiding by fair gameplay and payout standards, and that has a reputable software provider. Independent websites can also help players learn about payout percentages of the games at online casinos, which are normally recorded by the auditors.

While generally myths do derive from somewhere, and there is data to support the fact that not all casinos pay as promised; it’s an occurrence that’s more an exception then the rule that will not occur when gaming at a reputable casino online!

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Author: Eugene Alexander