Online Gambling Myth: Casino Games Are Rigged

With scams popping up on the internet affecting every type of online industry, it´s not surprising that people are becoming paranoid that someone is out to pull the wool over their eyes anytime they engage in an online transaction, or place a wager at an online casino.As a result, some people have the perception that virtual casino games are all rigged to ensure that players never win, resulting in a larger profit to the casino. While it’s hard to truly prove or disprove this myth universally, because there likely are some disreputable casinos out there that are just looking for a way to make a quick buck online; but that’s a big, unfounded accusation to make about virtual casinos as a whole.

So how can online casino players make sure they don’t become a victim of the few unscrupulous virtual casinos out there that might have rigged games? Stick to the reputable ones! Most of the top online casinos use major software providers to develop safe, trustworthy games for their site. Look for well known names in casino name development like Boss Media, Cryptologic, Microgaming and World Gaming before you make the decision to join a new virtual casino. When a virtual casino uses a major casino software provider to develop their games, this information is typically displayed right on the casino’s homepage, or listed in their Terms & Conditions document. If you can’t find any information about the casino software on the website, think twice about joining the casino because it’s harder to establish their reputation.

For the most part, casinos which are legally licensed for operation, abide to high standards of service and have to follow specific regulation guidelines; including regular audits of both their gaming software and the propensity to payout. A reputable casino should list information regarding the independent auditor that they use, and may also include statistics and the last date they were reviewed.

The rumors that online casino games are rigged, are not entirely unfounded, since there are believed to be more than 200 unlicensed and potentially unscrupulous virtual casinos operating online today. Casinos do also work with something called the House Edge, which ensures that they make the profit necessary to remain in operation is an online casino. As a general rule, this means, that more often than not, casino players will lose. Some casino games operate with a higher house edge than others, but it’s all in fairness of the game, because without a house edge in place, virtual casinos wouldn’t be able to run their business and continue to provide their casino games online.

If you’re interested in starting to gamble online, use diligence in choosing a reputable casino based on software providers, independent audit information, and even user feedback that is available on independent online casino websites and forums. If you choose the right casino, you shouldn’t have to worry about the casino games being rigged. Besides, that myth is one that has derived from frustrated casino players on a losing streak.

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Author: Eugene Alexander